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Why Choose Param Enterprises?

We prioritise service

Ever since we started Param Enterprises in 2012, our primary goal has been to deliver exceptional service, and this is where we differentiate ourselves from the competition. While other organisations sell products or provide installation services, we take care of the entire process from the time you first contact us till the time your product is installed and ready for use. We pride ourselves on our service, and that's why you get an entire year of free maintenance when you choose us.

Range of offerings

We not only specialise in security and surveillance systems but also have a sister concern offering kitchen appliances and personal hygiene devices as part of the Kohinoor group of retail stores. Recently, we have also begun supplying personal protection equipment such as masks, bodysuits, and contactless thermometers due to the rising needs for those products.

Large range of locations serviced

We offer our services across multiple locations around Maharashtra and neighbouring states such as Gujarat. Although we are based in Mumbai, we have happy customers in areas as far as Amravati, Satara, and Vapi. We ensure that our products can reach you so that you don't have to spend time looking around.

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