System Features

Improved quality of life: Touch panel interfaces and customised interface designs on tablets gives an unmatched user experience while interacting with the system. Easy to understand graphic interfaces makes it convenient for all age groups to use the system. Central control of lighting, devices, curtains, security from one controller eliminates the need to handle multiple remote controllers at the same time.

Improved Energy Efficiency: Remote access to lighting and sensors & detectors together allow for control of lights that leads to improved efficiency in power consumption of lights. Switch off lights that are not required remotely. Turn on lights automatically based on time or sensors.

Cost Saving: Improved efficiency in power consumption leads to saving in costs and also reducing carbon footprint. Simple functions such as motion sensors and detectors combined with an automation system can save wasted energy in both homes and offices.

Security: Integrated security solutions allow for real time monitoring of events. Receive an alert from the system when the security alarm has been tripped, disarmed or armed. View live images from IP Cameras connected to the system. Turn on/off lights on preset schedules to give you home a lived-in appearance.