Wireless Solution

e2Live is a wireless automation solution that uses Smart Switches and Controllers. These switches are based on feather touch operation and are elegant customisable replacements to the standard switches.

Integrated features such as lighting control, IR control, curtain control and sensor interface already built into the main controller provide complete automation over the living or working environment.

No special wiring or expensive installation is required. A reliable wireless solution that can be set up quickly, thus saving time and money. A customised graphic interface delivers a simple solution for control that is easy to follow. Android based applications provide a platform to control all components of the system locally and remotely.

PC based software allows for preset schedules for timed control of lighting and devices. This solution provides a high level of control, comfort and convenience for every family and lifestyle and to suit every budget. Built on a flexible, scalable platform implementation can be phased and expanded as per convenience. The solution results in energy conservation and reduced costs without compromising comfort.