Wired Solution

Smart eHome, an award winning solution provides total automation using control interfaces to communicate between the main controller and the various devices. It is compatible with standard switch types available in the market that gives the user the option to choose switches of their liking.

With cross-platform graphic control interfaces, the software is able to meet the great demand for customization and provides easy, convenient and good looking near-end and remote control interfaces. Applications can run on a variety of devices such as PCs,
notebooks, PDAs, iOS, Android and Symbian devices.

eHome provides real time updates on status of all devices and security integrated
to the system. This allows for checking and altering the state of a device at any time and from anywhere.

Additional sensors (motion sensor, occupancy sensor) and detectors (gas leak detector, smoke detector) can be integrated to the solution to provide real time alerts and also be configured to take appropriate actions (turn on sprinklers, activate alarm siren) as required.